Smart Video Doorbell – the must have home security device

A few years ago a device like a smart video doorbell would only have been seen in science fiction films but today they are becoming common-place. This is thanks to the development of home wi-fi and smart phones in recent years.

Having a video doorbell is a great way of protecting your home, particularly when you are not in. After all, peace of mind is very important as if you can’t feel safe at home, where can you?

Can they make my home safer?

One of the ways burglars work is to ring a house doorbell first to see if anyone is home ….

  • If someone answers then they usually have a stock question to ask such as “Does Jack live here?” or “Can you tell me the time?” and then they go away.
  • If no-one answers then they will assume no-one is home and may decide it is safe to break in.

With a smart video doorbell you will receive a message on your smartphone that someone is ringing your video doorbell. You can then see who is there and speak to them via your phone. They will believe someone is at home and go.

About me

I am no expert but I did do lots of research when I wanted to set up better security for my home using the new smart devices. I made a few mistakes but I learned a lot along the way too. So I started this blog as a way of passing on my experiences to you and perhaps saving you some time and money.

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